Care & Maintenance

How To Take Care of Your Artificial Grass

Learn the best practices for maintaining your investment and ensuring your artificial lawn continues to offer beauty, durability and performance for many years to come.


Remove debris such as leaves and branches from the grass to protect grass from damage. It can be done by leaf rake or blower-vac.


Occasional grooming keeps the artificial grass stand up and gives lush appearance. All grooming should be done in one direction so the blades are aligned the same way to enhance the appearance. We recommend to use leaf rake or stiff bristle broom or power broom with plastic bristles.


Weeds may take roots in the sand infill and drainage holes which can easily be removed by hand or raking the grass.

Pet Waste

Having pets doesn’t mean you need to constantly clean your artificial grass. Cleaning up pet waste is quite simple and easy.

Just clean it up as you would normally and then wash away with a hose or watering can. If you want to reduce odour there are products available in the market to absorb odours and gives fragrance for couple of weeks.

Spillage cleaning

Artificial grass tufts are non-absorbent and any spillage of beer, wine and juices are not a big problem. They can easily be wiped or hosed off with a cold water. We recommend using only plain water to clean artificial grass and chemicals should be avoided.

Any strong chemicals should be washed off immediately. Oils can be cleaned with a mild degreaser. Do not use any acids or bleach as they are not only hazardous but also damages the turf.