Frequently Asked Questions


Read through some of the commonly asked questions about our products and services.

No. It requires very little maintenance. An occasional sweeping or blowing to remove leaves and other rubbish will keep the grass in excellent condition.

Our products are tough and durable. They are made from high quality materials. We consistently improve our products to provide best quality and satisfaction to our customers. Our products come with double PP backing plus high quality SBR which gives 40% more strength.

All artificial grass have some effects on shade over the time being exposed to UV light however our products are treated with highest level of UV protection keeping in mind the harsh Australian weather conditions.
Yes. Our products are manufactured using high quality super soft yarn and are lead free and free from harmful chemicals.
Yes. Our products are pet friendly. Pet mess does not harm or stain the grass and can be cleaned very easily.
Yes. All our products come with sufficient amount of holes to drain the rain water and avoid flooding.

All our products are Fire Retardant and won’t catch fire. It will melt the yarn but won’t ignite it.

Our products come with warranty of up to 7 years. In a standard domestic environment it is expected to last around 20 years.

Generally, artificial grass should be installed on a firm and compacted base of minimum 80mm of dolomite with proper slope to drain the water. Strong base will provide long lasting support and will avoid sinking and base movement.